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Cara Mackay

“I’ve been to many workshops where you are taught how to communicate. When I attended WCC, I expected the same experience. However, a workshop run by Marcus, is a completely different experience. His enthusiasm for you as is off the scale. Marcus is the difference between you being a good speaker and you being world class.”

Roger Edwards

“If you want to invest in yourself as a future speaker, if you want to develop, then World Class Communication is a must. The feedback I’ve been getting is better than I could possibly have imagined. People are willing to pay me to speak, they’re willing to pay me to travel to speak, and I’m getting referrals to my business.”

Chris Marr

“Even though I felt like I was good at it, I was nowhere close to being the best I can be. What I’ve learnt from Marcus is helping to understand what takes someone from an ametur to a pro, and what that gap looks like. Speaking is a craft within itself which needs it’s own teaching and learning’s surrounding it.

Colin Gray

Speaking, for me, has completely grown my business. I don’t think there’s anything else that has accelerated the visibility of our brand of what we do, of what I do. So if you want to become a great speaker, were your audience is interested, then this is something that will really, really push you forward.

Karen Reyburn

I had some concerns about being pushed into something I wasn’t ready for and that didn’t happen. If you want to be a better communicator, not simply in speaking engagements or being on a big stage in front of people, but to share more clearly and concisely who you are. What your story is, what you do, who you talk to, then this will help you do it.

Caroline Mckenna

Even if you’re sitting thinking “I might never become a speaker” or “I don’t want to ever become a speaker”. This is about communication. It’s about clearly communicating your message to your audience and that could be with you and your team. It could be in small workshops or it could be on a big stage.

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